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About us

I have a background in health and wellbeing centred around mental and physical health. I am a licenced Mental Health First Aid England Instructor and an active Mental Health First Aider which enables me to share a variety of practical insights to illustrate the course content. 

I train mental health first aiders so that organisation can prioritise mental health first aid in the workplace to the same level as physical health first aid. I help organisations to increase mental health literacy, reduce stigma associated with mental ill-health and increase people's confidence in how to support others who may be experiencing mental health issues.


Courses are held in light and comfortable venues with attendance limited to sixteen to provide a safe and supportive space for learners. The importance of self-care is also emphasised throughout the course.

I also mentor newly trained Mental Health First Aiders and provide confidential workplace support to individuals experiencing mental health issues. 

Mental Health First Aid (England) Instructors are trained and licensed by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England and are continually quality assured, using robust assessment and evaluation measures.  MHFA England is the only provider of licensed Mental Health First Aid Instructor training in England.  Should you have any questions, please get in touch at


Recent feedback from Adult Mental Health First Aid 2 Day Courses:

'Thanks Esther for the excellent delivery of the program that really brought it to life for us.' (Aug 2019)

'Once again, thank you for your time this week. We both felt that you delivered the course content extremely well, given the tone of some of the subject matters.'  (June 2019)

'I felt the course was very good. Keep my attention throughout the two days. Thank you.' (May 2019)

'Great course - learned more than I thought I would.' (May 2019)

'Excellent, great atmosphere, informal but informative.' (May 2019)

'Really great course and instructors.' (April 2019)

'Really appreciated the positive attitude and general demeanour of both instructors – the topics covered are heavy, but they created a calm and open atmosphere to learn and discuss. They are both clearly passionate about mental health which was really inspiring. Sharing their own experiences also made it more personal and a more ‘intimate’ teaching environment which I felt really worked.' (April 2019)


'Thank you to Christina and Esther for running an engaging and insightful course. I have realised MHFA is something I was already doing at work and this has given me more confidence in knowing what I can do and where I can provide info on other orgs, as well as having the knowledge to challenge workplace culture that may be damaging to good mental health.' (April 2019)