Mental Health and Wellness at Work

Our workshops sessions and wellness days are designed to support workplace wellbeing and empower staff towards self-care and supporting each other.  Workshop sessions are delivered in person or online and are tailored to run between 90 to 180 minutes in accordance with your preferences:


Understanding and managing stress

Workshop: 90-180 mins (in-house or online)


  • Defining stress – what it is and isn’t

  • How stress affects us

  • What makes us feel stressed

  • Stress management tools and techniques

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Self-care for positive mental health

Workshop: 90-180 mins (in-house or online)

Self-care is essential for maintaining optimal mental health.  It helps us to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood and keep our body in good working order. It includes how we perceive ourselves, how we eat, move, sleep, unwind and enjoy life.


This session will explore ways to care for your own mental and emotional health and will cover:

  • nutrition for mood and mental health 

  • the importance of exercise, rest and good quality sleep 

  • managing stress and building resilience

  • learning to spot the warning signs of poor mental health

  • tools and techniques to create your personal self-care plan

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Understanding anxiety and depression

Workshop: 90-180 mins (in-house or online)

Depression and anxiety disorders are common.  In the UK, more than 1 in 10 people are likely to experience an anxiety disorder at some stage in their life. An anxiety disorder differs from 'normal anxiety' in that it is more severe and long-lasting.  Depression can be described as a persistently sad or low mood with a range of associated emotional, cognitive, physical and behavioural symptoms.  Both illnesses can affect a person's ability to work, socialise and function as usual.

This workshop will give you a basic understanding of anxiety and depression.  You will learn about common disorders and warning signs. The session covers: ​

  • defining anxiety - normal anxiety vs anxiety disorders

  • defining depression - sadness vs depression

  • t

    he effects of anxiety and depression
  • symptoms and warning signs

  • risk factors vs protective factor

  • tools and resources to support positive mental health

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Bespoke wellness days

We design complete wellbeing days tailored to the needs of your people.  These encompass a range of activities to support mental, emotional and physical health and team bonding.   

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